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Payment Terms

Currently, we accept cash or debit/credit card as a means of settling payments. Customers are expected to settle their balance in full for the package to be available to them.

For customers who currently do not have a credit card to carry out their online purchases, they will be able to use ours at a fee. These customers are required to have the necessary funds, whether U.S. dollars (USD) or the Jamaican equivalent to complete the purchase and an additional US$10.00 for our service charge. If the purchase price exceeds US$100.00 the service charge is USD$15.00. We only perform this service with trusted websites.

Customers should inspect packages to ensure all contents are accounted for and in good order before leaving place of business or the presence of the delivery personnel. Failure to do so means the customer has no claim for compensation. Clear instructions should be present on such packages. Customers having missing packages must show clear proof that it occurred while in our possession i.e must be signed for by a personnel at our Miramar facility. Only then will a customer have a claim for compensation. At present we are unable to facilitate a return service, but can advise on the most affordable way to have a package returned and the procedures involved when doing so. Also please check with your merchants or suppliers about their return policy. For customers with packages that require special attention such as items sent as replacements, please provide us with prior notice and adequate documentation before the shipment arrives in Kingston. Customers who wish to use their passenger declaration (PD or the yellow) forms, please provide along with these necessary documents (copy of TRN, ID, Passport with landed date) signed by a Justice of the Peace before the shipment arrives in Kingston.

By signing up for Rapid Reach you are authorizing our agents to act on your behalf for customs clearance of packages.