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Sea freight Rates

Our Sea freight Rates

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1 500
2 700
3 950
4 1500
5 2 usd per additional lb
6 2 usd per additional lb
7 2 usd per additional lb
8 2 usd per additional lb
9 2 usd per additional lb
10 2 usd per additional lb

Processing Fees

Rates are dependent on the size, weight and value of the item being shipped.

Customs Duty: 35% 

Computers, Tablets, Laptop: 20%

All packages have a processing fee of $250JMD from 5lb up.


Please contact our office for further details

Customs Fees

Packages deemed by Customs as intended for personal use, valued in excess of $50.00 (C.I.F.) may be subject to Customs Duty Charges. Please Note: It is the Importer’s responsibility to familiarize his or herself with the most recent Customs Regulations as it relates to the policies, procedures, import requirements, duties and taxes that may be applicable to importing packages into Jamaica.