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Terms and Conditions

After becoming an account holder with Rapid Reach, it will be assumed that each customer has duly read and accepted our terms and conditions. We also encourage account holders to periodically review terms and conditions so that they will be informed of any possible changes.

Upon completing registration, each customer will be provided with our U.S.A mailing address along with a personal mailbox number to which items should be sent at all times. Failure to use complete shipping address can attract incorrect address fees or your package being delivered to the wrong person.

Packages are transported twice per week from our west park and fort lauderdale warehouse to Jamaica, i.e. on Mondays and on Fridays. Packages are then available for delivery within 3-5 working days. Rapid Reach requests customers to ensure their items are adequately packaged to withstand air transportation to ensure safe shipment with ordinary care in handling; to prevent injury or damage to any person or property. Hence, Rapid Reach will not be responsible for items damaged by external bodies such as companies you purchased from online or while being processed through Jamaica customs. We only accept liability for products that are damaged or that went missing while in our possession. All relevant shipping documents such as invoices should be provided in a timely manner.

Rapid Reach charges customers based on the weight of the item shipped and also the cost of the items in the package. A rate sheet is provided on our website to provide additional information. After packages arrive in Kingston, they are re-weighed to be priced. Please note that fractions of a pound are rounded up to the next pound. At Rapid Reach we believe in providing the best services for our customers, on that note regular customers will be rewarded at times and equitable discount rates apply for bulk shippers at our discretion.